It is estimated that the impact of the project on shipping communities in Greece and Cyprus will include: 

  • Enhancement of maritime safety culture in 1,000 seafarers and executives of 60 managing companies in Greece and Cyprus.
  • Increased ability for 500 fishermen as well as yacht crews and maritime tourism to safely carry out their marine activities in coastal communities in Greece and Cyprus, acting as HELMEPA Maritime Safety Ambassadors.
  • Improved understanding on the importance of safety at sea to 200,000 professionals and residents of coastal communities involved in marine activities in Greece and Cyprus.

The following indicators will be used to measure the project’s impact:

  • Monitoring of marine accidents and incidents in Greece and Cyprus as well as deficiencies/detentions on safety issues during PSC inspections in ports.
  • Participation of managing companies and individual fishermen and sailors in the VIRP.
  • Survey among seminar and workshop participants for the immediate impact following their attendance but also after a few months.
  • Participation of entities and individuals as “Safety Ambassadors”.
  • Μedia projection of activities in Greece and Cyprus.