A wide information and awareness raising campaign under the motto “Stay Safety at Sea” will be carried during the project reaching out to seafarers and maritime executives, fishermen, owners of motor boats, sailing boats and all those who enjoy the sea, either professionally or for leisure, in Greece and Cyprus.

The campaign includes distribution of information material, creation of a TV spot and promotion of the training initiatives and messages of the program to the wider maritime community of Greece and Cyprus, fishing cooperatives, nautical/sailing clubs, sea tourism associations and marinas.

Those interested may contribute to the project’s outreach as “Safety Ambassadors“ thus promoting the need for strict adherence to safety measures.

At the same time, safety awareness is promoted through social media tools, useful tips for all stakeholders and special publications on safety issues for maritime organizations as well as social media.

Milestones and events will be published through press releases to promote the activities of the project to the wider public in Greece and Cyprus.